Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lately 10/19/2017

What a great week! It was pretty filled, but I was really productive and on top of things. On Monday night, I made a really great spaghetti squash dinner. Tuesday I caught up on This Is Us. On Wednesday I had my meeting for TSA Pre-check, shot some really great content, and had dinner at my cousin's apartment! Tonight, I'm getting together with one of my best friends! We have both been away so it will be so nice to catch up! I'm also excited to catch up on How to Get Away With Murder and pack for my trip to Charlotte.

Pittsburgh-ing: This past weekend, I went to Fire Side Public House in East Liberty. I'm typically very in-the-know when it comes to new restaurants and always want to try them out ASAP. But, Fire Side Public House was one that slipped through my radar. It's a little 'out of the way' in terms of location. Not that it's far away from anything, but it's tucked away behind the East Liberty Target. You can easily forget it exists. But, oh my goodness, the food is so good! I also had the best cocktail I've ever had. It's casual, fairly priced, and the service was good. The only thing that was a bit annoying is that our food came out all at different times. One of my friends was done eating her entire meal well before any of us were served. Granted, we had a table of 10 people, but it's something they need to work on! I'll be back for sure.

Reading: Um...this is definitely dating myself, but does anyone remember Supermarket Sweep?! Callie and I used to watch the episodes in syndication on the Gameshow Network and I was obsessed! So excited to hear they are bringing it back, ha! 

Watching: Freeform's (aka ABC Family) 13 Nights of Halloween starts tonight and I'm so pumped to watch Hocus Pocus. Such a classic. 

Watching II: I just started Riverdale and I am hooked. I had heard so many raving about the show so a while ago, I read the description and thought it didn't seem like something I'd like. Well, I got bored and started it and it really is captivating. It's a teen drama which somewhat reminds me of Gossip Girl but also has a very How To Get Away With Murder type mystery/suspense to it.

Loving: I was sent a bunch of hair products by Wella a few weeks ago. I had never tried the brand before. I'm love trying new products, but when it comes to hair products, I almost always stick to my tried and true favorites. It's hard for a new brand/product to make it into my lineup. WELL... Wella products are SO good. The entire Oil Reflections line is incredible. I have super thick hair that has also been color treated for years. I love products that really moisturize and nourish my hair and the shampoo and conditioner go above and beyond. Another thing that I think is brilliant is that they have two different hair oils. One is their regular oil and then they have a 'light' version. So I use the regular on my wet hair, and if I need some taming when dry, I go for the 'light'. Pretty genius if you ask me. Definitely check out Wella- you will not be sorry! So glad to have found a new line that I absolutely love- it's been a while!! 

Wanting: You all know how much I LOVE pajamas. Well, J.Crew came out with new pajamas and one is the most beautiful shade of pink. Be still my heart!! They also came out with a striped version and it's tipped with red grosgrain. Also obsessed. Andddd they have a shorts version. While I like to lounge in my long pants, I prefer sleeping in shorts. I'll take one pair of each, please! Also, you all know I love Abercrombie. Well, they're killing it again this season! Every time I head to their site, I find so many pieces I love. It's trouble!! Scroll through the above widget to see what I've been loving lately!

Smelling: Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf for men is a really lovely scent! I just got sooooo many new fragrance samples with a Nordstrom order (seriously like 50 new scents). I am going to slowly go through all of them and let you know which are my favorites in an upcoming post!

Traveling: This weekend I am headed down to Charlotte with my parents to visit Callie and celebrate Mom's birthday! I can't wait! Be sure to follow along on Instastories and Instagram!

Quoting: 'The sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and Autumn was awakened.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bedroom Reveal!

In My Bedroom:

Today I'm sharing my bedroom! I haven't shared any of the rooms in my apartment (besides on Instastories/Snapchat) for several reasons. The first being that I don't really think of myself as having a good eye when it comes to interior decorating. I know what I like, but I still feel like a freshman in that department. I am by no means an interior decorator blogger, ha! The second reason is that nothing ever feels finished. But after about 18 months, I finally feel like it's as 'finished' as it's going to be for now. 

At under 900 square feet, my apartment is tiny. Although I would bet some of you living in cities such as New York may think my apartment is quite spacious, ha! 

Since it's just me, it doesn't feel super small, which is nice. Although I will admit, I've been looking for 2 bedroom places in the city. We'll see. But, I chose amenities (like valet parking, doormen, package services, beautiful gym, etc.) and location (in the heart of everything) as my top two priorities rather than space. I figure there is plenty of time for me to live in a large space in the suburbs, but right now I want to enjoy the city life! 

It's kind of ironic that I'm sharing my bedroom first because I wouldn't really consider it to be 'decorated'. I wanted my bedroom to be as 'clean' and white as possible. I actually based it off of the room I stayed in while in Charleston.... dark wood, white linens, brass accents and light gray for a 'pop of color'. When people see my room, they always say 'it looks like a hotel'. And to me, that's exactly what I wanted: minimal clutter, an amazingly comfortable and inviting bed, super white linens, and an informal feel. You'll see when I share my living room (coming soon) that my bedroom is a very big contrast to that space. 

One of the things I love about my bedroom (and my apartment) is that I have 10-foot windows. Light absolutely floods in and it's always so bright and cheery. 

I've sourced everything for you at the bottom of this post. I'm very into antiques so a lot of items are either one of a kind or found at an antique store or some type of estate sale. However, I tried to find as many very similar items as possible. One new item that I got just last week is my canopy bed. I had a bed that my parents gave to me. In reality, I didn't really love it, but buying a new bed was never really a priority until recently. I was thinking 'enough is enough'. I wanted to find something of my own and something that felt a bit more 'me'. 

I actually ended up with this canopy bed because I originally found this bed that is way more expensive. I was googling the more expensive bed to see images of it and the less pricey version popped up. They truly look almost identical, don't they? There is an $1100 price difference between the two. Pretty darn amazing. 

So the only little 'debacle' that came up is that I was planning on moving the head of the bed from the corner (window wall) as you see it in the photos above, to the wall it's against. I measured and everything seemed to be perfect. However, once I got it in the space, it just looked 'wrong'. So back to the corner it went. I'm kind of bummed about this because having a bed in a corner is SO annoying. Now I'll also need to remove the top two brass frames (from above my bed) and relocate them. But oh well! 

Besides a new bed, I also just got a new mattress thanks to Pangeabed. Let me first preface this by saying that I take the comfort of my bed very seriously. You see, I LOVE to sleep. Naps are the best, I love to sleep in on the weekends, and I just all around love love love being in bed (I swear I'm not as lazy as this is making me out to be!!). I mean why not prioritize your bed being a temple? You spend about a third of your life sleeping!

My mattress was already pretty comfortable. Granted my mattress was years old (ew) and I had a very thick Tempurpedic topper on top, plus a mattress pad, which is what made it so comfortable. So, I wasn't really sure anything could be any more comfortable. 

But lo and behold, Pangeabed is the most comfortable mattress I have EVER slept on. Not only have I had a few mattresses of my own in my lifetime, but I've slept in a lot of hotels and a lot of the hotels have insanely comfortable beds. I ended up tossing both the Tempurpedic topper and the mattress pad because I didn't need anything at all!

I got the mattress just a few days after ordering. It arrived in a cardboard box about the size of a 7-year-old child. It was very heavy but as I looked at it, I was thinking 'there is no way a queen size mattress is in that box'. I tore open the box to reveal a vacuum sealed mattress (folded up). As soon as I pulled it out of the plastic, it started to expand. And holy cow, a giant queen mattress appeared right before my eyes. MUCH thicker than my last mattress, too!

I hopped right on to give it a feel and even then I was amazed. The top is so cushy and soft, but at the same time, it's firm so you don't melt into it. It has a quilted cover with 5/8" soft foam and is infused with copper. The thing that really sold me before feeling the actual mattress was the copper-infusion. Because of the copper, it is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and has heat dispersing properties. 

I am one of those anal people who change their sheets every few nights, but I feel a little bit better now that the bed is a lot 'cleaner'! I also LOVE that it keeps me cooler at night. I don't think my bedroom gets as much air circulation in comparison to the other rooms, so being cool at night is a priority for me. I have a fan going all night as I sleep and sleep in summer pajamas year round. I've definitely noticed a 'cooler' sleep because Pangeabed's latex is much more breathable. 

After sleeping on it for over a week, I'm obsessed. I can't stop telling family and friends about the mattress and when friends hop on my bed to 'test' it, they're sold immediately. Even my mom jumped on it and sang its praises and she is a tough critic! 
Bed Blanket (love love love this blanket!!!)
Desk (antique, similar)
Velvet Skirted Chair (antique, similar)
Both Lamps via Homegoods
Wicker Trunk (vintage, similarsimilar)
Acrylic Drawers via Homegoods (similar)
Gray Cashmere Herringbone Throw via Nordstrom (old, similar)
Moso Bamboo Candle (one of my all-time favorite candles)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What I Wore at Nemacolin II

Today I'm sharing another round of what I wore while at Nemacolin. You can see the first post, here. I'm sharing another casual outfit and a dressier outfit. Today's post has many more photos than usual, so please keep scrolling! 

Quilted Jacket (c/o, under $200)// Cream Sweater (c/o, under $65)
Shop the Look:

This first outfit is what I wore on Sunday morning. We grabbed some coffee and enjoyed the brisk morning. We had been having unseasonably warm days in Pittsburgh, so it was so wonderful to have a truly 'fall' feel in the air! I wanted to wear something simple and comfortable because I also knew I'd be in the car for a bit before we got back to Pittsburgh.

I've raved about these jeans before, but really they are so comfortable. They are jeans, but really feel more like your favorite pair of leggings. They are super high waisted so they really suck you in. The ankle is very skinny so they're the perfect jeans for tucking into boots and booties! They run true to size, although a bit big in the waist, so if you are in between sizes, I suggest sizing down. I'm wearing a size 2.

This sweater is something I've been wearing non-stop. It's such a classic closet staple. At under $65, it's just a great basic to have on hand year round.

And lastly, isn't this navy blue quilted coat just gorgeous? It makes me feel as though I should be vacationing in the English country side! I love the details such as the corduroy collar and the classic tartan lining. It's the perfect coat for fall and spring. If you live in the south, it would probably make the perfect winter coat. It's lightly padded but not something I'd suggest wearing in snowy conditions! One of my favorite things about this jacket is that it is slightly longer than the Annandale  jacket. It's also more fitted so it gives you a nice, tailored shape.

Cap-Toe Slingback Shoes// Lip Color (in 200 night berry)
Chanel Bag (similar)// Flower Earrings (c/o)
Shop the Look:

This outfit is a bit fancier, don't you think?! I have worn this lace top SO much lately. It's the perfect dressier top that you can pair with both jeans and skirts (see me wearing it with a skirt, here). I wore this outfit while lounging in the beautiful Chateau Lafayette Tea room and enjoying a cocktail from the lobby bar. It was the perfect balance of dressy, but also comfortable and not over-the-top. 

I don't typically think of myself as trendy, but I felt very on-trend in my Victorian style top and velvet pants. I actually think velvet pants are timeless. I've worn them for years- even when my mom was still dressing my sister and I! However, since velvet is very on trend right now, there are SO many velvet pant options. It's likely your favorite brand of jeans also makes your favorite style in velvet, too!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Olay 28 Day Challenge

If you’ve been following along on social media, then you know I’ve been taking part in the Olay 28 Day Challenge. Well, the 28 days have come and gone and I am so glad to report that I have not only seen positive results but also love the products. I also found it so easy to incorporate them into my everyday routine!

What are the products?
I have been using the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel.

Are these products right for me?
You can visit Olay Skin Advisor, the most precise skin diagnosis available to the public, so that you can experience the easy, timesaving way to make a decision about what regimen is right for you. It's really neat because you actually take a photo of your bare skin and then you can express your skin concerns and preferences. Then, they give you a 'skin age' and recommendations for products specifically for your skin. The #1 product recommended for me when I used the Olay Skin Advisor was the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15!

What is the Challenge?
I stopped using my daily moisturizer and my eye cream and replaced them with the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel for 28 days. I use the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel in the morning and at night and the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 in the morning.  Since I was just swapping these products into my routine it was SO easy to take this challenge!

I was super intrigued by this challenge because when a brand promises you will love their product, you're always skeptical, right? But the fact that Olay actually encourages you to take the 28 Day Challenge because they're so confident that you'll see results, is intriguing!

What were my results?
The first week....

Immediately even after just one day of using the products, my skin felt moisturized. I often find that my skin is dry, especially as the seasons change, and these two products kept my skin feeling hydrated. I also liked how the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is cooling, so as soon as you apply it to your eye area, you feel instantly more awake!

Three Weeks In...
I don't really have wrinkles yet, but I'm all about prevention. I love that the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer has SPF 15 so my skin is always protected. I also love that it leaves my skin feeling soft and even. The moisturizer is lightweight but very moisturizing without leaving you shiny! It's a great base for makeup, but also great for days when I go makeup-free too, because my skin feels so radiant. The moisturizer provides 7 benefits in 1: replenishes moisture, evens skin tone and appearance, enhances brightness, visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes the look of pores, restores firmness, and visibly reduces dark spots. After about 3 weeks, I definitely noticed clearer looking skin.

Final Thoughts...
I LOVE Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel the most because of its consistency. I've never used an eye gel before and this one goes on so easily. You only need to use a tiny bit. After using it for 28-days straight, I still have 3/4 of a tub left! Also, the gel stays cool so as your putting it on your eyes in the morning, it's the most refreshing feeling and you notice yourself looking more awake almost immediately. Throughout the 28-day challenge my face never felt dry thanks to the moisturizer and I felt as though I could walk out of the house makeup free because my skin looks so great!

Where Can I Find the Products?
Both the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF 15 and Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel can be found in stores nation-wide such as Target and Walgreens. You can also purchase them online.
The first 15 people can use coupon code: 28DAYS8187 to receive $40 off your purchase at So checkout the Skin Advisor and take the challenge, too!

Overall, I'm so pleased with the results from the Olay 28 Day Challenge. I'm also glad to have two new products to add to my routine- especially because they cost a lot less than the other products I was using! Thank you to Olay for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday Shopping 10/14/2017

Happy weekend, everyone! Does anyone have anything fun planned?! Last night I went out for drinks/dinner and then this morning I'm going antiquing and out to breakfast. Then, later, I am headed to dinner with my family because my aunt and uncle are in town. Sunday, I'm having people over for the Steeler's game. A quiet but fun weekend because last weekend I was away and next weekend I'll be away, too!

I didn't find too much online this week, but there are a few good ones in there! Scroll through the widget about to check it out!

Did you catch the posts from this week? This week I talked about...
Emotional Labor- loved everyone's comments/input!
2 outfits I wore at Nemacolin- one dressy, one casual!
How To Free Up Space On Your Phone/Computer
Lots of random tidbits in Thursday's Lately
What to Wear at Keeneland
- BONUS: My feature on the Draper James blog about Keeneland

Thursday, October 12, 2017

What to Wear to Keeneland In the Fall

What to Wear to Keeneland In the Fall

Shop My Look: 

Today I have some very exciting news: I was featured on the Draper James blog! I am so excited and it was lots of fun answering some Keeneland questions! So today on Summer Wind, I'm also talking about Keeneland! If you aren't familiar, Keeneland is a racecourse in Lexington, Kentucky and hosts horse races twice a year: in October and April! I've gone to both the fall and spring races in the past so I was excited to attend again this year! 

I've been to Lexington several times before because my younger sister, Callie, went to the University of Kentucky (she graduated in 2016). Now, our close family friend (she might as well be a cousin), Bailey goes to UK so we still have a great excuse to visit the gorgeous town! 
We went to Keeneland on Saturday of opening weekend. It's one of the events that I most look forward to. You get all dressed up, tailgate, and then head in to watch the races... and place some bets! 

The grounds are always immaculately kept and tailgating in the rolling fields of bluegrass is so. much. fun. We set up a table filled with snacks and cocktails and enjoyed the super warm day. 
The Draper James in Lexington (at Fritz Farm)
This year, I opted to go with this gorgeous lace number by Draper James! You can also shop the brand at Nordstrom! I love that the beautifully intricate lace is outlined with navy blue. It really makes the lace pop! I also love the half sleeves with the added ruffle at the end. It's a pretty straight fit. I originally got the two, but it was tight in my shoulders/chest area so I switched for the 4 which was more comfortable! I'd say if you are at all curvy to size up! 

I think this dress would also be perfect for any fall/winter wedding festivities if you are a bride-to-be! I really think the navy detailing brings it into the fall/winter months seamlessly! If you are in the Lexington area, Draper James has the most darling boutique located at Fritz Farm! It was definitely decor goals with the beautifully upholstered furniture and pops of blue and white everywhere! Not to mention it was filled to the brim with all the gorgeous fall pieces!

If you are going to Keeneland, my biggest suggestion is to dress for the weather. You're probably thinking, duh. But really, it can get muddy if at all wet- so even rain boots are a good option. I've also been when it's really cold and you need a coat/sweater/etc. And this past weekend, it was super hot so we were prepared with lots of water. 
While at Keeneland, besides placing bets or cheering on the horses, it's also really cool because you can 'meet' the horses, pet them, and snap a pic with them. That's one of my favorite parts! They're all so beautiful. 

They also have food/drinks (a stand with Moet champagne!) and a gift shop. And when I say gift shop, it sounds cheesy/touristy, right? Well this is basically the best gift shop EVER and you do not want to miss it. It's beautiful inside and has so many gorgeous pieces of clothing, silk scarves, housewares, brands like Barbour, Draper James, etc. They also have branded Keeneland items but even those are adorable. This is also where you can find hats and fascinators galore!

All in all, it's so much fun and definitely worth attending. It goes through October and then is back again in April! Thanks again for Draper James for having me on their blog
More Draper James Pieces I Love:


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