Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Style With My Cousin Michael

On Me:

On Michael:
Khaki Chinos// American Flag Belt 

Today, I'm so excited to introduce all of you to my cousin, Michael. Do you remember when my sister, Callie, left Pittsburgh to move to Charlotte back in February

Well, I was not only super sad she was leaving because she was my sister and I love her, but I was also put in a bit of a predicament because I relied on Callie a lot when it came to Summer Wind. I have always mentioned on here that Summer Wind is not a one woman show- it started out that way, but over the years I've relied on so many others to help Summer Wind get better and grow. 

Well, enter Michael, who is now my right-hand-man! He has been helping me with Summer Wind since March and is SO helpful and wonderful! 

Michael is my cousin on my mom's side and is currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. He's going to school for physical therapy. His sister, (also my cousin) Paige, is a senior at Pitt and going to be a PA! They're both so smart and accomplished and I'm so proud of them! To snap the photos of Michael and I together, Paige took a stab at photography and did a darn good job, don't you think?

Since Michael has been so amazing behind the camera, I thought it would be fun to get him dressed up and switch sides (especially because I don't often share men's clothing)! Doesn't he look SO cute?! He looks like such a gentleman and he is just that- truly a person of good character-so smart and funny, too. He's a hard worker and learned the ropes so quickly. He's always a good sport and always willing to make time for me.

Another thing I love about working with Michael is that I get to see him (and Paige) more often than we probably usually would. I see Michael almost every week, and it's so fun to catch up with him. I always say he keeps me young- up to date with the latest in music, etc. And, with Callie gone, it's so nice to have them close by- they literally live 10 minutes away from me and it's so fun to just meet them for lunch on campus! 

We dressed Michael in a cute fall outfit- something slightly more dressed up than what he'd typically wear to an early morning class, but they're all closet staples for a guy at any age: A nice button down shirt, crisp chino pants, a classic belt, and a fleece pullover. I loved the fleece pullover so much, he's lucky I didn't try to steal it for myself :) 

Since we were on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, I thought I would choose something that I love right now, but also something I would have worn in college. I loved every minute of my college experience and miss it. It's really fun to get a chance to step back onto a beautiful campus and get that wonderful 'fall collegiate feel'. The real star in my outfit is this shep shirt. I'm a huge fan of shep shirts- I got my first one when I was in college and have since started a bit of a collection. I have everything from the Pittsburgh one to a summer pink one to a holiday plaid one to a monogrammed one. I love each one in their own way, but this one is the best yet! It's roomy (runs true to size, I'm wearing a size small), is fleece lined (lightly, not bulky), is lower in the back (so it works perfectly with leggings), and has a pouch pocket in the front. This sweatshirt is totally something every gal needs in their closet! I have been wearing mine almost daily since I got it.

A big thank you to Michael for being such a good sport/model and always doing such a good job with Summer Wind,  and to Paige for snapping the photos. Another big thank you to Vineyard Vines for outfitting us for this post!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wear to Work: Fall Monochrome Outfit

Wear to Work: Fall Monochrome Outfit

Draped Tank// Pleated Midi Skirt (both pieces under $100 and come in other colors)
Quilted Bag// Sunglasses// Nail polish is OPI I've Got the Blues for Red
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The weather has been so odd lately. We finished August and started September with cool weather- the type of weather we typically see in October.... and I loved that so much. But, just yesterday, it was HOT. Almost 90 degrees and it seems as though it's going to stay like that for a little while. Ick. 

I've been sharing a lot of very fall outfits- like sweaters/heavy pieces that a lot of you in more southern regions probably wouldn't be able to wear for a long while. So, I wanted to share a way that you can incorporate a fall palette, while still keeping cool in the 80+ degree weather. It also happens to be a very perfect wear-to-work outfit and each piece is under $100, too!

You know me and my love for monochrome outfits and my sudden obsession with burgundy (merlot, crimson, claret, dark cherry... whatever you want to call this deep red hue). So this is combining my favorite fall color and my favorite way to wear a color all in one! This top + skirt combo could easily be a dress, but it's likely less pricey than you might pay for a dress AND you can wear these pieces separately for very different looks and occasions.

The pleated skirt runs big, I definitely suggest sizing down as does the top. I can really see myself rocking a velvet tee (also like this one) with this pleated skirt around the holidays, too! Both pieces are from Nordstrom- a go-to retailer for me as you all know! Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 
More Burgundy Pieces I Love:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lately 9/21/2017

Vest// Striped Shirt
Boyfriend Shorts (old, similar)// Sneakers (also here)

This week, I started off traveling to New Hampshire. I wasn't supposed to get back until tonight, but we decided to cut the trip short as it started to pour on Tuesday due to hurricane Jose. We didn't want to end up getting stuck later in the week! 

New Hampshire was so much fun, I can't wait to share our itinerary with you guys next week! Yesterday I got caught up with e-mails/work and hopefully today, I can get back on track with grocery shopping/etc. 

Wearing: This vest is so cute, right? It's done in a gorgeous textured navy fleece and has patches of cognac faux suede. It is elevated a bit with the beautiful gold zipper. We had a bout of cold weather here in Pittsburgh but now it's back to warmer temps, which makes for great vest weather!

Wearing II: You saw a snapchat photo of me in this striped dress a few weeks ago and today I'm posting a much better photo of it!

Reading: Umm Taco Bell is a very serious guilty pleasure of mine. If it wasn't so unhealthy, I'd eat it way more often than I do. I love love love their crunch wrap supreme and cheesy gordita crunch. SO GOOD. I'm super intrigued by this article saying Taco Bell is going to be creating restaurants with no drive-through and will serve alcohol. Apparently, at least one of these will be opening in Pittsburgh and I am All. For. It. 

Vest (also comes in blue)
use code FALL30, it comes out to be just $70!
Sale-ing: Club Monaco is having a major sale- you get an extra 30% off sale. Use code FALL30. This is usually when I stock up on cashmere and coats. Their pieces can be pretty pricey- but I've never received an item of poor quality. I love that most of their pieces are all neutral and they offer a lot of classic, simple designs that you can wear for years to come. I wanted to specifically highlight this insanely gorgeous alpaca/wool fringed vest. In the photos, it's showing as more white than cream, but in person, it's a beautiful, creamy, winter white. It is impeccably made- and the blend of alpaca and wool make it warm and cozy and very soft- plus a beautiful, luxe texture (the texture also isn't showing up in the photos that well). I think the price for this piece is incredible. I got the vest on sale- and thought it was a good deal then- but now, this vest is just $70; an absolute steal. I cannot recommend it more!

Listening: Last call to follow along with my September playlist- now onto creating one for October! I've been listening to Afterglow by Attom on repeat lately. It's kind of 'chill' but also upbeat, too! I've also been loving Not in a Hurry by Will Reagan

Loving: Umm more like OBSESSED with the PBTeen Harry Potter line. I would have died over this when I was younger- and still am, ha!

Wanting: Vince is a brand that is my weakness. I love absolutely all of their sweaters each fall/winter. They're super pricey, so I usually only end up with one a season, but I live in it. Case in point, last year, I lived in this boiled cashmere sweater (which I will continue to wear this year- they brought it back in more colors), and I'm already living in this insanely cozy cashmere cardigan. I'm just loving each piece this season and it is taking everything in me to practice self control! Scroll through to see some of my favorites. 

Pittsburgh-ing: My mouth is watering as I upload these photos. These are just a few food photos I've taken in the last week or so. I've been eating some realllllly delicious things. From top to bottom: bacon grilled cheese (with tomato dip) from BRGR, deviled eggs from Pork and Beans, and my all-time favorite sushi from Little Tokyo. If you haven't gone to any of these restaurants, I highly recommend them and these dishes. YUM.

Smelling: I've asked you guys for your help in regard to finding candles. I mentioned how my go-to stop for candles is Homegoods but they haven't had anything great as of late. However, I did find one, 'Apothecary Wonderwood'. I can't find it anywhere online, but it smells SO good. Look for it at your local Homegoods! 

Quoting: 'Opportunities don't happen, you create them.'// See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday, Talbots!

Look Two:
Bow Booties
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It's time to grab some balloons and light the candles because one of my absolute favorite brands, Talbots, is celebrating their 70th birthday

I know Talbots has been in my family for just as long. My grammie loves Talbots, she passed it down to my aunt and mom, and now my mom has passed it down to me. We love the brand and have been shopping there since I can remember! My grammie and mom used to dress me in Talbots Kids, I eventually worked at Talbots Kids in high school and even wore a Talbots cocktail dress to Snowball my sophomore year of high school. Now, we all continue to rock Talbots to this day! 

To celebrate, Talbots has launched 7 iconic pieces to celebrate each decade in Talbots history. The pieces are:

Each piece is definitely a classic that was as popular then as it is now! Today I am styling the iconic cable sweater inspired by the 1970's. I've always been inspired by decades in the past...sometimes I even feel like I was meant to live in the past. I love watching documentaries from years gone by and learning about different things that shaped each decade. I also love love love watching old movies and TV shows- one of my all-time favorites being Bewitched. 

Although I was not born in the 1970's, I definitely appreciate a lot from that time period. I think the thing that sticks out the most for me, though, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 70's were a shining time for the Steelers- they had the Steel Curtain, with notable players such as Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, and so many more. They also won 3 Super Bowls in the 1970's, and one of the most famous plays in NFL history was made by Franco Harris in 1972: the immaculate reception. 

Besides sports, the 70's brought you Happy Days, The Godfather, Jaws, Carole King, Elton John's Bennie and the Jets, Tube Socks, Mood rings, Lauren Hutton, Farrah Fawcett's Hair, and so much more. 

Two films that I absolutely love and which gave me inspiration for the outfit, come from Annie Hall and Love Story. Two incredible films. I've always admired Ali MacGraw's style from Love Story. I draw such inspiration from her casual, preppy outfits. And Diane Keaton is one of my favorite actresses ever- her performance in Annie Hall, along with her menswear-inspired wardrobe is just too good.

Fortunately, this sweater is not made from polyester, a popular fabric from the 1970's. Instead it's made from the softest, coziest mix of wool and nylon (you can tell the nylon is amazing and really helps the sweater to hold its shape). The burgundy jeans are amazing... they suck you in at all the right places- they are high waisted and super comfortable. I have long been a fan of their jeggings and this burgundy color really looks great!  

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