Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Cards + Outfit

how to style a casual holiday outfit

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custom holiday cards

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Last week, I shared these leather leggings and how I styled them casually for the holidays. But today, I'm showing you how to take the same pants and kick them up a notch. This is still on the casual side, but the dressier top and addition of heels really dresses up the entire look! 

This top has the sweetest understated peplum hem and looks much more luxe and pricey than just $55! If leather leggings aren't for you, I think it would look equally great with black velvet pants.  The leggings run a bit big. I'm wearing a size small, but they're roomy in the waist and hips and somewhat in the ankles. I wouldn't size down, but they're not as fitted as 'leggings' tend to be. 
Scroll through the widget above to see some other great inexpensive tops that would pair nicely with these pants for a luxe casual holiday outfit! 

I wore this to cocktails with some girlfriends one weeknight in December. We all hadn't seen each other in a while so it was great to have a girl's night out! Just before that, I had been working on my holiday cards. I decided to send out over 100 cards to readers since I got so many address submissions! I love that you are all so enthusiastic about it and your sweet e-mails about my cards have brought me so much joy! While I can't send them out to absolutely everyone (wish I could), I'm going to try and send as many as possible.

I'm doing them in small batches, so if you haven't gotten yours, it could still be coming! I'll be sending them out through 12/31! I used to do them all in one night and it took me hours and killed my hand (I always write a handwritten message on every single one... I think that's so important). This year, doing them in batches has saved my sanity! 

If you are a last-minute shopper, you can still shop online at Nordstrom and your items will arrive by Christmas Eve. It's getting down to the wire, though, so shop now!!!! Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, as always all opinions are my own. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday Shopping

Pittsburgh airport
Happy Saturday, everyone! Today my BEST FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED! I can't believe the day is here and I'm so excited! While we got off to a rocky start getting here due to an issue with Delta and then tons of weather delays, I am so happy to be in Martha's Vineyard. It's so beautiful with all of the Christmas decorations throughout town!

I thought it'd be funny to share this photo I snapped out the window of the airport in Pittsburgh Thursday morning as we were waiting for a flight. It was so incredibly snowy, I couldn't get over it! I felt like we were in Siberia rather than Pittsburgh. It's nice to have snow right before Christmas- I hope it stays for the actual holiday!

j.crew skiier pajamas
This week, our Christmas pajamas arrived. They are amazing and I totally recommend them. They are currently 40% off with code TIME2GIVE through 12/19. As of writing this they are fully in stock in all sizes! They're cotton- not flannel, so be aware. They're warm, but they're not nearly as warm as flannel. That's totally fine with me as I typically get hot when I sleep, but if you're always cold, these might not be the best for you! 

This week I also prepped for a big life change/exciting thing that's happening as soon as I get back from Martha's Vineyard. I am so beyond excited and I cannot wait to share this big news with all of you! It's the biggest and best Christmas gift I could have ever asked for!!

This week I didn't do too much browsing. I'm done with my shopping and everything is wrapped. It feels so good to be done and I hope to be able to enjoy this week leading up to the holiday.  I haven't gotten a New Year's dress yet for New Year's in Arizona, so that is what I have been on the hunt for this week! 
Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites. I'm most excited about two sweaters that I ordered. I have this sweater in another color already but fell in love with the ivory version this year. It's a very pricey sweater and super high quality so I'm excited to have it in another color but on major sale! I wear this sweater at least once a week and it doubles as a topper over pajamas, too. I also got this navy blue and white striped cashmere sweater and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Hair Products I Love

Bow (sold out, similar... I love that it looks like a Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Pump (there is a headband version, too))

Last week, as I was getting ready for a Christmas party, I decided that I would film an instastory series of me curling my hair. It was totally on the spur of the moment and very homemade. Just me in my bathroom in a t-shirt curling away! 

I got a ton of great feedback after doing that... I have never received so many DM's! I'm so glad you all enjoyed watching and got a better idea of how I curl my hair. My hair is the most asked about topic, so it's my goal in 2018 to bring you all more hair content! 

To start off my hair series, I'm sharing all of the products I shared in my instastory and a few more that I wanted to highlight. I'm getting the most questions about these products so I will link to them and then share with you how I use the product and why I like it. Please note this is not sponsored in any way and is just my general feedback about each product (although even if it was sponsored, as always, it would be 100% my honest opinion). I am constantly sent hair products and tools in PR packages and I am so lucky to be able to try out so many different products. However, I rarely love anything I'm sent. I'm very loyal to certain hair brands, so I'm sharing them with you today!
Curling Iron// This has been my go-to for years and years. It's just $14 and literally the best $14 you could ever spend. I sometimes buy a few at a time just in case they stop making them! They last for a good 2+ years but I find that they get less hot as time goes on. I typically replace every year or so! You can also use this curling iron in Europe, no problem!

My curling iron tip is to choose the size based on the length of your hair. If you have shorter hair, you're going to need a smaller circumference. The bigger the iron, the wavier your hair will be as opposed to actual curls. 

Blow Dryer// This is definitely the best dryer I've ever used. It's super lightweight and really dries my hair quickly. As much as I'd love to try the Dyson everyone is raving about,  I don't have a crazy desire to try it because I find this dryer to do an incredible job. I have super thick hair so cutting down on drying time is important to me and this really does cut down the time!

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product// I use this every single time I step out of the shower and have been using it for years. I pray it on towel dried, damp hair and it works wonders on frizz and shine. I love the smell, too. They have several different kinds, like ones for blondes, or with keratin, etc. I truly don't think the types make any difference. I have all of them and just buy whatever is the cheapest at the time. I think the only one to note that might be helpful for some of you is their lite version.  I think it would be great for those of you who have thinner hair. 

Dessange Oleo Oil// This is a very heavy oil that I use after I brush my hair out (after the It's a 10). You only need to use a little bit, it might not be for everyone because it's very strong, but I love how it tames my hair. 
Wella Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothing Oil// Wella is a brand I just started using in early fall. Like Aveda, I love almost all of the products in the Wella line, and especially their Oil Reflections line. This is their regular oil, and as soon as my Dessange fully runs out, I'm switching to Wella. Don't get me wrong, Dessange smells pleasant, but I just prefer this scent. They work pretty similarly, though. Just like It's a 10, Wella makes a 'light' version of this which I LOVE using on dry hair. 

Wella Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray// My hair really takes a beating between coloring and using heat on it. Because of that, I really like to use a heat protectant spray. This one is definitely the best smelling product out of the entire list. It smells INCREDIBLE and when I use it, people are always asking me what kind of shampoo I use because they love the smell.... but the secret is out, it's this product. I just spray a few sprays on each chunk of hair before I use my curling iron. 
Air Control Hairspray// I've long loved Aveda's hairspray. It really holds well with some flexibility and smells wonderful. The only time I really ever wear hairspray is when I am wearing my hair up. I have a ton of flyaways and this helps to tame them. I also love this hairspray which offers less hold, so if I want to spray it while curly, that's what I'll use!

Aveda Smooth Infusion// I only really use this in the summer because it's for frizz due to heat. I put it in my towel dried damp hair and it really does help cut down on frizz in a big way! I think if you live in a warmer climate or have high humidity, this is a product you may want to use year round!

Aveda Damage Remedy// I typically use this when I'm overdue for a haircut. It helps to tame my split ends until I can get to the salon! 
Aveda Dry Shampoo + Wella Dry Shampoo// I love both of these. Aveda's works perfectly but is definitely white. The Wella dry shampoo is amazing, too, but what I love most about it is that it doesn't really show up in your hair! 
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lately 12/14/2017

heinz hall at christmas pittsburgh
I feel like this week has flown by. I think that's because I'm cutting my week short to head to Martha's Vineyard for a long weekend! I actually woke up on Monday feeling under the weather, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, but I revved it up on Tuesday and Wednesday!

This past weekend, I went to brunch at one of my Pittsburgh favorites, Dianoia's and then my parents, Grammie and I went to see the Pittsburgh Symphony Holiday POPS concert at Heinz Hall! It was so much fun! If you have an opportunity to go, I definitely suggest it. It's great for all ages. The photo above is the lobby area of Heinz Hall... stunning, right?!

australian cattle dog
I am joining the board of the Public Relations Society of America Pittsburgh chapter (PRSA) and I'm so excited for a new experience in 2018! I attended their holiday party this week and it was fun to get to meet some of the other board members! I also went home for a little bit this week to hang out with Mac... doesn't he look so cute by the tree?!

While I'm going to Martha's Vineyard this weekend, something INCREDIBLY exciting happened and I cannot wait to share (next week), I'm just dying of happiness inside!!! Stay tuned.

salmon appetizer recipe on herend platter
Eating: I made salmon appetizers this weekend for a little get together I held at my apartment. This is one of my go-to apps that's filling and looks pretty, too! All you need is a baguette, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and capers. You thinly slice the baguette, add a dollop of cream cheese and top with smoked salmon and capers! No cooking necessary! I was excited I also got to use my new Herend tray!

Sale-ing: Club Monaco is having a sale through January offering an extra 30% off sale styles. This is typically when I purchase CM pieces because you can get really great deals. I suggest shopping ASAP, though, because sizes sell out very quickly!

 All I have been watching is The Crown. I am not even that into the Monarchy, but this show is just so incredibly well done. I urge you to watch! 

Listening: My most played songs of 2017 playlist came out on Spotify. I am so excited to share with all of you because I really think it gives you a good look at who I am. It's SO eclectic. One minute you're listening to Kid Cudi, the next minute Van Morrison, and then Hillsong. 

Loving: One of my friends told me about the investing app, Acorns and I am hooked. Basically, you set it up so it automatically withdraws from your account each month. You can set it as little as $5 or as much as you want. Then, it also rounds up on every purchase you make on your cards. So for example, if you buy a coffee for $3.75, it will round up to $4 and deposit the quarter into your account. Then, that money gets invested. It's a really easy to way to invest a bit without even noticing it's being taken out of your account.

Loving II: I'm a big eye mask fan. It's hard for me to sleep without one. I really hate that it messes with my eyelash extensions, though. However, this eye mask says that it is eyelash extension friendly. Considering me very intrigued.

Wanting: So many great items that I came across this week!! Scroll through to see them!

What I'm wearing:
miracle christmas bar pittsburgh review
Pittsburgh-ing: This past weekend, I got together with a bunch of family friends and my parents and we went to the Miracle Christmas pop-up bar in Market Square. It was SO. MUCH. FUN! It's about as over-the-top and tacky as can be and the drinks are VERY strong, but it just had the most fun atmosphere. I definitely recommend it! 

Traveling: Headed to Martha's Vineyard today for a long weekend to celebrate my BFF's Aly and Will! I can't wait! Follow along on Instastories

Quoting: 'Remember, no man is a failure who has friends!'- It's a Wonderful Life// See more of my favorites, here. 

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